PSA: You may not need to open a Smash Bros. chest. new amiibo to use

Photo: via NIntendo NYC on Twitter

as I did maybe we sawThe new Min Min Super Smash Bros. amiibo is now available in the store. If you’re planning to add this to your collection, here’s your PSA representing this new amiibo based on the fighter from arms The chain may not actually need to be unpacked to use it.

As explained by a user (with North American Min Min model) at amiibo subredditThis new amiibo packaging may not have an “NFC blocker tag”, which prevents Nintendo fans from scanning the NFC number while it’s still inside the box.

There are all kinds of theories floating around as to why this particular amiibo could have been examined, but it looks like this change may have occurred before Min Min – using a Twitter account “amiibo newsReferring to how this was supposed to be possible since the reissue Kirby amiibo:

AmiiboNews – “Fun fact: Beginning with the Kirby amiibo reissue, Nintendo has removed the chip that prevented you from scanning the amiibo while you were in the box. Pack-in-box collectors rejoice!”

We tested the Min Amio packed here at Nintendo Life and were also able to successfully scan it in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Have you had any luck yourself? Leave a comment below.

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