PnB Rock’s younger brother says and deletes the update, the family is having trouble getting his body home

PnB Meen promised his late brother that he would take care of his daughters in the same position.

Death of PnB Rock It had an unexpected impact on the music industry earlier this week after the 30-year-old was shot, robbed and murdered while eating lunch at a Los Angeles restaurant on Monday (September 12). In the days that followed, we saw Greeting pour in Not only from friends and family, but also a fan of the “selfish” filmmaker, expressing their destruction for the soon-to-be talented artist.

The late artist’s little brother, PnB Meen is among those who took part in the public mourning, writing a heartbreaking message on his private Instagram page saying, “I don’t. [know] How to start. Ima let it go… I was the only one who believed I could do what you do. I can’t stop crying brother, why [you] Don’t you have it with me? “

PnB Rock Attending the 31st Annual ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards in 2018 – Paras Griffin / Getty Images

“I always take you back [and] In front of me [and] Sides… Please give me the strength to do so, “Go on.” With all my soul ima bear. stand at work, [and] understand you correctly [while you’re] Rest my brother. This is my first message to you among many.”

On Saturday (September 17), Maine gave the Rock family an update (although deleted shortly after), revealing that they had some trouble trying to bring the body of their loved ones home from California.

“We’re having trouble getting my brother back to Philadelphia,” he wrote in the caption to his upload. “The state of Los Angeles claims to have some kind of law, that goes against us being Muslims. Now I don’t have any evidence when he had a funeral.”

Min described the situation as “incorrect” and noted that “it has been going on for a week” since his older brother was shot dead.

“Prayer is over,” he finished the post. “I got you, big brother, [and] Hey girls. “

rest in peace PnB Rock.

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