Philips Hue is finally addressing one of its biggest limitations

Philips Hue is finally addressing long-standing and frustrating limitations that have particularly affected smart home power users. in Support document Philips Hue says on its website that users will soon be able to do this Add multiple bridges For one account – this is why this is such a big problem.

Each Philips Hue Bridge supports up to 50 devices. Although 50 devices seems like a lot, it's a limit that a large and growing number of users are ignoring as the Hue ecosystem expands. To make matters worse, Philips Hue also allowed people to connect only one bridge to their account.

If you reach the 50-device limit and add a second Bridge to your setup, you'll have to link that Bridge to a new account. These two bridges will be effectively isolated from each other, complicating your smart home setup.

As spotted by Hueblog.comHowever, Philips Hue has finally addressed this issue. In an update On its websitePhilips Hue says support for multi-bridge control with a single account is coming later this year.

“Later this year, you'll be able to add multiple bridges to one account and sort them into homes to keep your system organized,” explains Philips Hue.

like Hublog As he points out, there are still a lot of unknown questions about exactly how Philips Hue will implement this feature. However, it is a step in the right direction and solves an increasingly common smart home problem.

Take 9to5Mac

One thing worth noting: If you control all of your Philips Hue accessories through Apple Home, you can link them Multiple Hue Bridges to HomeKit to get around the 50-device limit.

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This isn't necessarily an ideal solution, especially if you're like me and also have several third-party accessories that can be controlled exclusively via the Hue app.

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