People are so angry at Rihanna for hiring Johnny Depp on her 50th show, why on earth would she do that?!

Johnny Depp Rihanna

RihannaHer fans have been patiently waiting for her Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 4 feature-length fashion films to premiere; It was definitely worth the wait! In addition to admiring the seductive and provocative cuts that were finally revealed in the movie on Amazon Prime Video on November 9, fans seemed to have a lot of questions about a particular part of the show. And that, in case it wasn’t already obvious, was to include a specific item Mr. Johnny Depp!

Johnny Depp appears in Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Vol. 4 views

The 59-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean The actor made history by being the first male to headline modeling’s “Star Moment”, which in previous years had been an honor given to Cindy Crawford And Erica Badu.

Depp can be seen walking down a forest-turned-set to the tunes of Outkast’s 2001 single “So Fresh And So Clean,” wearing olive green pants and a loose-fitting jacket, which is pulled open to reveal a drowning. Plaid jacket, layers of necklaces of varying lengths. His hair is tied back in a ponytail, with the front part being worn to frame his face, which also has a small beard, and at one point he can be seen embracing a tree, while various performers were dancing around him.

Why did Rihanna put Johnny Depp in her Savage X Fenty Vol. 4 show?

We already know that the 34-year-old mother of one Likes to make a fuss. Anyone who remembers the New York City pregnancy announcement that will go down in history knows that Rihanna isn’t shy when it comes Make people talkso the mission was definitely accomplished when she made the choice Sweeney Todd The actor, who caused a stir of his own after that A much-publicized legal battle With his ex-wife, Amber Heard, on social media.

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Many fans wondered why the “Disturbia” singer chose Edward Scissorhands The actor, with some believing that she helps him Rebuild his image as a good friend, while others have already criticized it. Although Deep He won his case Against his ex-wife, who accused him of abuse in a 2018 opinion piece, fans remain unconvinced that he is completely innocent throughout their relationship, which is why they criticized the “Diamonds” singer, who is herself a victim of abuse following an incident with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown in 2009. to be included in the show.

Fans criticize Rihanna for sharing Johnny Depp

“Take your ugly man off the show,” said one angry fan. One fan confirmed, “I’ve got Johnny Depp, I don’t have any money left.” “Rihanna can’t be serious? With all these pretty and no-nonsense guys in Hollywood, is Johnny Depp more than you like?” asked another. Rihanna invites Johnny Depp to her show So, So [expletive] amazing. Not a single billionaire on this planet is so fit and they are unfortunately keeping this trend,” another wrote.

On the other hand, other fans praised Rihanna’s decision to show dark shades The actor, because they believe he *was* in fact, the abuse survivor. “I never wanted to be a tree so bad in my country [expletive] One fan joked, “He survived and is thriving. He’s so handsome. He’s so happy. He’s had this chance. He deserves it all,” followed by a red heart emoji.

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Another commented, “Whatever sells, I’m buying,” followed by a kissing emoji. Another noted: “I don’t understand why people are angry with Rey because she chose him, nothing has been proven.” “So happy to see Johnny Depp on the show! He’s moving on with his life having been found not guilty of the charges against him! That’s as it should be! Well done! Move on!” shouted another.

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What Rihanna Said About Savage X Fenty Vol. 4?

We’re still waiting for the hit maker “We Found Love” to process a file status Charlie and the Chocolate Factory An actress on her show — but she *talked* that this year’s show is the most “distasteful” yet, and “takes the cake” compared to previous shows. She said, “This offer is abhorrent.” People before the first show. “This guy takes the cake. This is going to be the show to beat. It’s on a scale unlike anything we’ve ever done. It’s huge.”

“I look forward to people seeing her,” added the Fenty Beauty founder. “It’s the first real thing I’ve done since I had the baby, in terms of work.” She went on to talk about her enthusiasm to see “new bodies, new silhouettes, new characters, new characters, new energies” on the show, adding, “I just enjoy seeing people celebrate their bodies, celebrate who they are — and they just happen to be wearing Savage. That’s exciting.” “

Previous Savage X Fenty Controversy

This is not the first time from Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty The shows were shrouded in controversy.

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Using “Doom” by Coucou Chloe who characterizes a sacred Islamic text

In October 2020The “Umbrella” singer has come under fire for using Coucou Chloe’s song “Doom,” which included lines from a sacred Islamic text known as hadith, part of a group of texts believed to be the spoken words. of the Prophet Muhammad. Khloe apologized for using the text in her song, saying she was unaware that it contained Islamic verses, as did Rihanna herself, who said using the song on her show was “irresponsible” and “a sincere mistake, but negligent.”

Cultural customization by designing their patterns into braids

In 2021, the Emmy Award-winning Savage X Fenty Volume was released. 3 A Show Has Also Got People Talking About All The Wrong Reasons Rihanna’s Models – From Emily Ratajkowski To Vanessa Hudgens – Have Been Accused Of The Cultural Appropriation Of They wear their hair in braids. “I love everything about this show except why white women in braids???

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