Pentagon confirms Russia’s use of Iranian-made drones in Ukraine attacks

The Pentagon confirmed, on Tuesday, that Russia is currently using Iranian-made drones for strikes and reconnaissance in its attack on Ukraine.

“We appreciate that the Russians are now using the Iranian drones that we’ve talked about in the past – that have been delivered to Russia – and we estimate that they are now using them in Ukraine,” said the Pentagon’s press secretary, Brigadier General. General Patrick Ryder told reporters.

Ryder did not comment on the effectiveness of the weapons, saying only that the Russians use them in the way they “indicated that they would use them.”

He also said that Washington believed reports that the Ukrainians had shot down some of the drones were “credible.”

Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials said there had been a series of drone attacks in the main southern city of Odessa in recent days.

White House warned in july that the Iranian government Hundreds of drones were to be sold to Russia for use on the battlefield in Ukraine. Then the Biden administration confirmed in late August that Iran had sent its first shipment of drones to Russia.

Iranian drones – which are intended to help address the arms shortage plaguing Moscow as it enters its seventh month of war with Kyiv – Already done calendarMaster to have “many failures”, According to US intelligence.

The United States believes Iran transferred Muhajir-6 and Shahed drones to Russia earlier in August on a Russian flight between the two countries.

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