Patch 7 for Baldur's Gate will add 3 new endings

Shadowheart, Shep, Gale, and Karlach enter the portal.

Screenshot: Larian Studios/Kotaku

Larian Studios may Not be made Baldur's Gate 4 And Hasbro is talking with new partners About the future of the series, however Baldur's Gate 3 It still has some juice left in it. The development team has released some new information about the game's big Patch 7, and it looks like it will be another substantial update with new endings for those who chose to be more evil during their time in Faerûn.

in Developer updateLarian revealed that it will be expanded The evil endgamewhich was noticeably incomplete at launch, and has not been expanded upon by the team The finale was released last year. These new endings will include new scenes for the Sinister Epilogue, as well as some content dedicated to The origin of dark desire. Beyond that including Some new music It was written for the game, and the post did not reveal many details. However, it does include a couple of animations that will give you an idea of ​​what to expect.

While the new endings are the headlines, Larian also says that Patch 7 will include bug fixes. Some notable issues that will be addressed include Wyll's missing romantic greetings, narrator lines disappearing from some Dark Urge exchanges, and the issue of Jaheira not participating in combat. Along with bug fixes and endings, Patch 7 will also introduce official modding tools. Cross-play and photo mode are still on the agenda, but will be introduced in a later patch.

Larian plans to let some players test the update, and will have more details about this in the “coming weeks.” So, it seems that a patch is not imminent, but it may be available in a few weeks. The studio signs off with a statement about its future projects, saying it is currently working on two projects that represent its own IP. We already knew it wasn't working Baldur's Gate 4But we now know that whatever Larian cooks up, it won't be based on an existing property.

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