Overwatch is literally Brigitte’s polish

One of the photos shows Brigitte standing with her arms crossed in front of a group of confetti.

picture: Blizzard / Kotaku / Simonker (Getty Images)

Members Monitoring 2Brigitte, the shield-throwing support heroine, can rejoice, as her arms will soon be back to their former glory with her new skin update.

Wednesday, Monitoring 2 The prominent artist, Rakan Khammash, told the fans (in A Tweet now deleted) that one of Brigitte’s new skins, Sparkplug, will literally get orange. The updated version will give her arms the enhanced muscle definition seen in all of her other skins, Replace the twig arms RHe used to have fresh skin. Overwatch Cavalry, which is Monitoring 2 fan-run news account, Shows what the Sparkplug will look like in a GIF Which basically added some shadows to Brigg’s arm.

Kotaku Khammash has been reached for comment.

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Since Brigitte was first introduced to the series in 2018, the Swedish support champion has stood out from the crowd of healers by adding some body versatility to their own skinny designs. While the update won’t change much in terms of how it plays (Especially considering her recent nerf) and pales in comparison to how brig V appears Overwatch Short animation Honor and gloryBrigitte Maines — who affectionately refers to herself as Brigbois — took a triumphant spin on the internet in celebration of her modest muscle update.

“finally , Overwatch We can all agree on that.” VibinWithViolet wrote on Twitter.

“I am happy with this news,” Designer_Bed_4192 (alias “Muscle Mommy Brigitte”) wrote in response to the update on the r/Overwatch subreddit.

“I didn’t expect it to be the Buff I expected, although it’s rightfully deserved,” WhenBrigsFly responded in the same post.

“We may have lost PvE but this made up for it!” cosmic_crustacean wrote.

“Yeah! We won! You heard our voices,” SmogDaBoi wrote in all caps. “Now for the loot boxes.”

While her soon-to-be-recovered arms still feel like bone to me, it’s nice to see the happiness OW2 fans in this economy.

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