Overwatch 2 pro has been shockingly banned after cheating was discovered mid-game

Michael Gwilliam

Overwatch 2's Kai 'Kai' Collins is asking for help after he was banned when the game detected cheats.

Bans in Overwatch 2 have proven to be quite controversial in recent months, with players being banned for writing “GG”, and nearly losing college scholarships for writing their teammates' names.

Even the game's top pros aren't exempt, as Proper was banned earlier this year without any explanation from the developers.

Now, British DPS star Kai is the latest to be hit out after Overwatch 2 discovered he was using cheats – something the former OWL star denies.

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Monitoring 2

Overwatch 2 has detected cheats on a professional player's account.

The former Overwatch League pro has been banned after cheating was discovered

In a post on X, Kai uploaded screenshots showing that Blizzard had locked his account after canceling a game because the system detected him using cheats.

“Blocked mid-game due to detected cheats. Tragic system,” criticized a Widowmaker player.

The ban comes amid major changes in Overwatch 2 Season 9 that completely revamped projectile sizes, making it easier to hit shots. To make matters worse, Kay said his conversation with the developers didn't help his case.

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“The heat control team refused to drop it.” open. “My account just disappeared for no reason. It's not even a new account either, I've had it since early OW1.

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players on Reddit They blame the new patch for the ban while others shared their own experiences with the system issuing invalid suspensions.

“With the new patch, dude is hitting too many Widow shots,” one said.

“The reporting system is 100% automated and is never vetted. It's a joke,” another chided.

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Given the uproar around Kai's ban, Blizzard will likely take manual action, but this is the latest in a long line of bans gaining notoriety in the OW2 community.

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