“Our rights, our freedoms and our future are at stake.”

Billie Eilish urges her fans to vote in the midterm elections. (Photo: Reuters/Mario Anzoni)

Billie Eilish He is looking forward to a vote swing ahead of next Tuesday’s midterm elections.

On Friday, the 20-year-old singer posted a video urging her fans to appear at the polls. And while Eilish did not give any specific endorsements to a candidate, the California native made her position on important issues such as abortion rights clear.

“I want to show why I voted this year, and how important it is for you to vote too,” the “Bad Guy” singer told fans in the video. “I look at what’s on the ballot and what’s at stake, and it scares me.

“Our rights, freedoms, and our future are at stake, and if we don’t show up, there’s a good chance we’ll see a national abortion ban, no exceptions,” she continued. “They also want to take away the freedom to marry the ones we love, to limit voting rights and to enact laws that threaten the progress that needs to be made on climate change. The only way to be sure of the future is to make it ourselves, which is why we should vote on or before November 8th. “.

Eilish has attached a picture of her with her family – including her brother Phineas and his girlfriend, Claudia Soliwski – as they hand out ballot papers. “It was so easy,” Finneas, who won the Oscar for Best Original Song alongside his sister earlier this year, commented on his Instagram page.

Eilish dropped her vote alongside her brother Phineas, his girlfriend, Claudia Soliowski, and their parents, Patrick O'Neill.  Connell and Maggie Bird.  (Photo: Finneas/Instagram Stories)

Eilish dropped her vote alongside her brother Phineas, girlfriend, Claudia Soliwski, and their parents, Patrick O’Connell and Maggie Bird. (Photo: Finneas/Instagram Stories)

Eilish asked her followers to come up with their voting plans, and sign with an empowering note: “Let’s show them what our strength looks like,” she said.

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The pop star message comes a little over a year ago Criticize Texas Abortion Laws While performing at the Austin City Limits Music Festival last October.

“When they made this law into law, I almost didn’t want to put on the show, because I wanted to punish this nice place for letting that happen here,” she told the audience. “But then, I remembered that you guys are the damned victims, and you deserve everything in the world.”

Eilish defiantly raised her middle finger and shouted, “My body, my damned choice!” During the show, where she also criticized climate change deniers.

“If you think global warming exists, you’re a big loser,” said the Grammy winner.

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