Nintendo Switch update finally allows users to create folders for game collections that are called

Five years later, the Nintendo Switch is finally allowing users to create folders for games called Collections.

This new feature has been added in Nintendo Switch version 14.0.0 update Along with improvements to Bluetooth audio level, it allows users to create up to 100 groups with a maximum of 200 games per group.

To create a group, you first need to scroll all the way to the right and select All Programs. Once there, you’ll press the L button to view the games by groups. The first time you do this, you will be prompted with a popup allowing you to create your first one. Every time after that, you will see your groups displayed

You can name a group, rearrange the addresses in it, and sort where they are in your groups list. Unfortunately, these groups can only be seen once you head over to All Software and cannot be placed on the home page.

For Bluetooth Audio settings, this new update allows adjusting the volume of Bluetooth audio devices either via the switch or the control buttons of the device itself. The volume displayed on the console will reflect the appropriate volume even when it is changed on the device, and the maximum volume level has been increased for some Bluetooth audio devices.

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