Nintendo shares fall following recent reports of Switch 2 'delays'

Image: Damian McFerran / Nintendo Life

Nintendo's shares fell in Japan after last week's report that the Switch successor won't launch until Q1 2025 (thanks, VGC)

The company hit a record high in shares last month as 'Switch 2 fever' swept the globe. However, following the Brazilian journalist's claim Pedro Henrique Luti Lippe The next hardware won't be released until 2025 (something like that). VCG And Eurogamer Also confirmed), stocks are no longer rising.

Reported by Bloomberg, Nintendo shares fell as much as 8.8% following last week's update before paring a 5.8% overall loss on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. As VGC noted, these are still decent numbers for the company but a significant decline from January's success.

Bloomberg's report quotes Lightstream Research analyst Mio Kato, who suggests that Nintendo's stock could continue to fall as new buyers become increasingly “impatient for the company to put up visible numbers”:

Nintendo's numbers for fiscal year March 2025 could look ugly if current hardware is too old while key software lags behind.

Instead, the report cites Bernstein analyst Robin Zhu, who suggests that stocks may actually bounce back from this as investors look to buy into the dip. Zhu still expects an announcement about a Switch successor to come in the next six months, Bloomberg notes.

As reports continue to pour in about what's next for Nintendo, the stock will fall. which has Has to come at some point, right?

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