Nintendo Sets Trailer Switching To Private Mode, But It’s ‘Probably Nothing’

Nintendo fan on Famicom لوحات boards Switch OLED reveal trailers for North America and Japan were recently set to go private on the company’s official YouTube channels.

Looks like it was enough to fuel a new round of “Switch Pro” rumors with some Expect…or at least hope for a big reveal. Former Nintendo of America employee Kit Ellis shared via social media, explaining how it probably doesn’t mean “nothing” and is likely related to licensing – with this week’s celebration of one year of the OLED model:

Kate Ellis – “These major videos usually have music or actors that are licensed to use for a year and then need to be renewed or removed. Switch OLED was announced a year ago tomorrow. That’s probably nothing.”

It’s also been noticed how the Switch launch clips themselves It is still seen in the UK and others countries like Australia.

Before Kit’s comment, GameXplain Expect the special video to be an attempt to clear the “YouTube algorithm” in order to focus on something else associated with the Switch brand. It was also mentioned how Apple did something similar recently – pulling older iPhone videos before the latest revelation.

Another thing worth noting is Nintendo’s current supply chain issues in Japan. In a new report from Nikkei earlier today, it was revealed how a 33% drop in system sales occurred due to these ongoing difficulties. A Nintendo spokesperson also mentioned how the company was having difficulties procuring parts necessary to build new systems:

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If we hear any updates, we’ll let you know. What do you think Nintendo might be about to do with these trailers? Tell us below.

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