NFL Trade Deadline 2022 Tracker: Live updates on the latest moves, trade rumors and buzz around the league

Contract or no contract? All 32 NFL teams will ask themselves at some point between now and this afternoon. Clubs have until 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday to make any trades they deem worthy of pushing ahead in a potential Super Bowl run this season, or on the other side of the coin — sending expendable players for assets to help. They are in the coming seasons.

We’ve already seen huge blockbusters land across the league, including Christian McCaffrey landing with the San Francisco 49ers. That deal — which includes several picks returning to Carolina — has already started paying dividends for the Niners after McCaffrey. Rushed, caught and passed for a touchdown Sunday’s win over the Rams.

It’s that kind of impact that teams hope to instill in their rosters, and that could cut them down the stretch.

A few other names to keep an eye on as the deadline approaches, Brandin Cooks, Kareem Hunt, Jerry Judy and Alvin Kamara are just a few players who have seen their names pop up in rumors.

We’re here to do the hard work for you, instead of you spinning your head around any mega deals that might drop between now and the deadline. Below, you’ll find our Timeline live blog, where every rumor, report and trade will be documented and analyzed.

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