New strikes in Gaza as Israel-Hamas fighting resumes: Live updates

5:00 PM ET, December 1, 2023

A Palestinian journalist was killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza, a Turkish news agency reported

From CNN’s Karim Khader in Jerusalem and Rupa Alhenawi in Atlanta

Montazer al-Sawaf is a freelance cameraman in the Gaza Strip.

Enes Senli/Anatolia News Agency

A freelance journalist working for the Turkish news agency Anadolu was killed in Gaza on Friday Israeli airstrikes resumed After a one-week hiatus, Anadolu news agency told CNN.

Montezer al-Sawaf is a freelance cameraman based in the Gaza Strip and recently recovered from injuries sustained in another Israeli airstrike in November. A temporary ceasefire Between Israel and Hamas.

Enes Kanli, Anadolu’s bureau chief in Jerusalem, told CNN that Al-Sawaf had lost both his parents and other family members in an earlier airstrike.

“He lost his father and brothers in the recent attack. He was badly injured with facial injuries and one eye closed. We were afraid he was going to lose his eye. But he recovered quickly. He wanted to stay in Gaza City and traveled north during the Israeli army’s invasion,” Conley said.

The journalist suffered very serious injuries on Friday and had to wait for an ambulance for about half an hour before he was taken to Al-Ahly Baptist Hospital, where he later died, the bureau chief said.

Conley recalled al-Sawaf as a quiet and brave man, describing him as “a very gentle soul. He was a quiet person and a hard worker, always giving and giving more, even when you didn’t ask him to.”

He leaves behind two young children, she added.

“I spoke to him two or three days ago, he’s the one who encourages me, I’m upset about everything, he’s trying to encourage me.”

According to Conley, al-Sawaf preferred to stay in the city center, considering telling the world about conditions in Gaza a “personal case” and “not just the press.”

In one of his Recent posts on InstagramAl-Sawaf posted a picture of his bloodied and injured face with one eye completely covered.

“Our house was hit by an airstrike and more than 45 people died, including my mother, my father, my two brothers and their children,” he wrote. “I injured my face and there are no doctors to treat me because I am in Gaza, no [functioning] Hospitals or doctors. Regardless, we will continue our coverage.”

Some context: Israel is at war with Hamas, which controls Gaza Too bad for journalists In decades, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. At least 57 journalists have been killed since October, the Journalists’ Lawyers Organization said on November 25, including 50 Palestinians, four Israelis and three others. Lebanese journalists.

In November, Palestinian TV Muhammad Abu Hattab 11 members of his family were killed. Palestinian television said he was killed in an Israeli airstrike, and Israeli officials said their forces were not active in the area.

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