‘Netflix Anime’ Piracy Site Suddenly Shuts Down, Shocking Users

Zoom in / Disney+ promotional art The storyan anime series that has been causing takedown notices on Animeflix.


Thousands of anime fans were shocked on Thursday when popular piracy site Animeflix voluntarily shut down without giving a reason, TorrentFreak reported. Reported.

“It is with heavy hearts that we announce the closure of Animeflix,” the site’s administrators told users on their 35,000-member Discord. “After careful consideration, we have decided to shut down our service, effective immediately. We greatly appreciate your support and enthusiasm over the years.”

Before it was shut down, Animeflix was attracting millions of monthly visits, according to TorrentFreak. Some anime fans preferred it for its clean interface, with one fan on Reddit noting: a description Anime Flix is ​​the “Netflix of Anime”.

“This site was so clean, the best I’ve ever seen. Sad to see it go,” one Reddit user wrote.

Although Animeflix operators have not connected the dots for users, TorrentFreak noted that the pirate site chose to shut down after facing “significant legal pressure in recent months.”

Last December, the anti-piracy group Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) sought to shut down Animeflix. Then in mid-May, rights holders — including Netflix, Disney, Universal, Paramount, and Warner Bros. — won a lawsuit against the company. court order An Indian court has filed a lawsuit against several piracy sites, including Animeflix. This caused Animeflix to go unavailable for a brief period until Animeflix simply switched to another domain and continued serving users, according to TorrentFreak.

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Although Animeflix didn’t tell users why it chose to shut down now, TorrentFreak — which, as its name suggests, focuses much of its coverage on copyright issues affecting online file sharing — noted that “when a pirate site is shut down, voluntarily or involuntarily, copyright issues usually play a role.”

For anime fans, the sudden shutdown has been disappointing due to the difficulty of accessing the latest anime titles and the delays as studios work to deliver translations to different regions. The delays are so bad that some studios are considering combating piracy by using AI to push out translated releases faster. But fans fear this will only lead to lower-quality translations, CBR Reported.

On Reddit, some fans have also complained after relying exclusively on Animeflix to keep track of where they left off in anime shows that often span hundreds of episodes.

Others have appealed to other anime piracy sites, while some have speculated whether Animeflix might eventually appear on a new domain. TorrentFreak noted that Animeflix had previously shut down several years ago but eventually returned. “Another hero has died but the will shall prevail,” one Reddit user wrote. In another Reddit thread asking “Will Animeflix go away forever or maybe create a new site?”, one commenter wrote: sympathetic“We don’t know for sure,” he wrote. “Only time will tell.”

It’s also possible that someone else will take over and run a new pirate site with the same name. According to TorrentFreak, this is “likely.”

Animeflix has not reassured users that it may return, but instead urged them to look for other sources for their favorite shows and movies.

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“We hope the fun and excitement of anime continues to brighten your days through other great platforms,” Animeflix’s Discord message read.

ACE did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

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