NBA 2K League Update – NBA 2K League

The NBA and Take-Two are reimagining the NBA 2K League into a global digital entertainment business. Driven by a bold new vision, the future venture will combine the NBA and Take-Two brand assets and seek to engage consumers who live and play where pop culture, gaming and basketball meet. The venture will feature a new digital media brand, immersive live events and a revitalized 2K League.

  1. Digital Media BrandingA social entertainment engine that is primarily and continuously in operation, featuring a voice and content style that reflects the way younger fans understand and interact with their world.
  1. Live events: Immersive experiences that bring the world of basketball and pop culture to life in fun and playful environments.
  1. 2K League: A more dynamic and accessible competitive league featuring NBA players and celebrities, leveraging the passion of tens of millions of 2K players and fans.

Social media and gaming platforms have dramatically changed how fans consume and interact with sports. Our new venture sits at the intersection of these technological and behavioral shifts and will build, engage, and activate a broader fan base immersed in basketball and culture.

We look forward to the next chapter of our journey and will share more details about our 2025 competitive season in the coming months.

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