Myles Garrett now dismisses Brown as the undisputed King with a score of 79

The Browns played football in Cleveland for 75 seasons. In only 39 of those were sacks counted as an official statistic.

So, Myles Garrett became the team’s official all-time leader last season when he passed Clay Matthews Jr., who had 62 sacks in his career.

On Sunday, Garrett collected 3.5 sacks on Ryan Tannehill, giving him 79 sacks in his career.

Bill Glass, who played for the Browns from 1962-68, had an unofficial Browns career grade of 77.5, according to a list compiled by Pro Football Reference through decades of research.

Garrett expressed surprise that he passed Glass when it was Nate Ulrich who Akron Beacon Journal He informed Garrett of his unofficial record.

“I couldn’t do it without all the guys I’ve played with in my career,” Jarrett said to Ulrich. “It’s an honor to play for this team and continue to have big games for these guys because it’s brotherhood; it’s family; and… I respect everyone The one who preceded me and paved the way for me.”

Garrett said he “absolutely” recognizes the unofficial sack list.

“They were counted for someone,” Garrett said. “They counted for those people who got them.”

Garrett, a first overall draft pick in 2017, has 4.5 sacks in three games this season. His 79 sacks came in 86 games.

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