More than anything, Aaron Rodgers looks slim in his new uniform

As a real non-Photoshopped image file Aaron Rodgers in his new uniform The reactions were mixed.

Some called the Great Gazo. others, Mike Dukakis in a tank.

One of the inevitable observations is that Rodgers looks really skinny.

Like Chris Sims always says PFT Live, and the quarterback makes use of a suit of armor composed of body mass. The extra weight helps them withstand the bumps and bruises of the football season.

But there is a balance between being strong and being mobile. Often, older players will play with lighter weight in order to boost their speed. For Rodgers, who has suffered a calf strain during off-season workouts, the display of speed can cause other soft tissue injuries.

It’s a fact of pushing 40. For guys like Tom Brady, whose fastest possible speed looked like it was shot in slow motion, the stress on muscles, ligaments and tendons was not the same as for Rodgers, who has the ability to generate a lot of speed and acceleration – and thus put a lot of stress on aging body parts.

For every quarterback, health is key. Rodgers missed large portions of the 2013 and 2017 seasons due to collarbone injuries. He had calf problems.

He’s now close to 40. Now many midfielders have continued to play at a high level beyond that age. Rodgers will try to be the exception this year, and apparently next year, for the Jets.

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