Mike Trout to leave due to injury against Red Sox

Anaheim – It was a scary moment for angels when Mike Trout He knocked out at the bottom of the third inning on Tuesday, eventually losing 6-5 to the Red Sox in 10 games at Angle Stadium, extending the Angels’ losing streak to 13 games in a row.

Trout disease, which has been reported as narrowing of the left thigh, will require further evaluation on Wednesday. But for now, the move appears to have been out of an abundance of caution rather than serious concern.

“It hurts a little,” Trout said after the match. Coming out of the box, I didn’t feel it. And then I felt a little cramp. Then I got to second base and [was] It’s just a little painful, and we’re just trying to be smart about it.”

As of now, there is no scheduled testing for Trout. Whether or not he’s able to play in Game Three of the series with Boston will depend on how he feels when he makes it to the park.

said interim manager Phil Nevin, who took over the position after Joe Madon has been relieved of his duties earlier in the day. “But he doesn’t seem too upset about it.”

Trout had gone 0-for-26 prior to Monday, the longest dry spell of his career, before he slashed out in the first half of that game to smash his slip. He came to the court earlier that day for some extra batting practice, facing live-throw at 12:30 p.m., several hours before his prep starts. With his three strikes on his next five rackets, the results of that effort seemed to be showing.

“It’s nice to see him swing the racket like that, and I hope this isn’t something too serious,” said Nevin. “But like I said, we have to reevaluate this tomorrow. These things, they act funny right away, and tomorrow is really a measure for us.”

The Angels have already been pretty much messed about, with several major hitters on the hit list. They’re missing third baseman Anthony Rendon (right carpalitis), right back Taylor Ward (right hamstring strain) and quarterback David Fletcher (hip surgery).

But more than anyone else, there is simply no alternative to Trout. The Angels got that feeling last year when trout missed more than half of the season with a strain on their right calf. In the midst of what is now the longest losing streak in a single season in franchise history, it would be a devastating time for the Angels to lose him. Even with the slack, it still cuts .284/.388/.601 with 183 wRC +the fourth highest mark in the MLB.

“I’m not worried about the morale of these guys at all,” Nevin said. “We lose, it’s quiet [in the clubhouse], naturally. But you saw the effort today from everyone. Some great hits, and some good defensive plays. …I thought there were a lot of great things that happened. This was just a baseball game where we ended up on the wrong side of it.”

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