Micah Parsons: Odell Beckham expects to play in five weeks

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The reports came following Odell Beckham’s visit to Dallas Cowboys have concerns The receiver’s ACL recovery isn’t advanced enough to confirm he’ll play before mid-January. However, Beckham told the Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons He expects to play in five weeks.

The regular season ends Jan. 8, a little over five weeks, and the postseason begins the following week.

“He told me five weeks. Five weeks,” Parsons said, via David Moore Dallas Morning News. “No coach, no doctor, no one can tell a player who he feels. It’s your body. It’s for nothing. Any part of your body [that’s] hurt No one can tell you what your body looks like but you. If he says so, I always believe it. Saying no makes me sick and I can’t go. You have to respect that. “

The Cowboys recruited Beckham like no other team. Players publicly campaigned for him, and Dallas Mavericks fans showed their love Monday night by sitting courtside with Beckham Parsons and chanting his name. Trevon Dix.

“Obviously, he knows we like him,” Parsons said. “We wanted to make him feel at home. You can only tell a guy what he doesn’t know. This isn’t college. I’m not going to feed him, ‘You’re going to get a great education.’ .Dallas fans made him do it.

After the free agent tour first took Beckham to the Giants and Bills, Parsons said he got the impression Beckham wanted to play in Dallas. But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones blocked Beckham’s interest in Dallas, saying he “No hope” Beckham signed without watching him work out.

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