Massive 'Apex Legends' hack disrupts NA finals and raises serious security concerns

Something rather terrifying has happened It broke down Apex Legends North American Finals, and players are now starting to worry about their own accounts and the overall safety of the game.

Respawn and EA have postponed the North American Finals in the wake of the game's “competitive integrity” being compromised. This involved a wild situation where someone was give Pros like aimbots and wallhacks hack while they're playing in the finals event, effectively ruining the whole thing without anyone In reality Trying to cheat. Here's what it looked like (warning: language):

This shocked players and one of them was banned from the game for using the aimbot cheat before Respawn shut down the whole thing.

What is not clear is the extent of the violation. There are some concerns that it may not just be due to tampering with the pros in the finals, but a larger security issue with the entire game that could impact the wider player base. Some are creative as well Claim on social media They scanned their computers and found viruses, although there is a lot of panic, there is no evidence that it has anything to do with this hack. But if a hack could lead to a hack in a professional match, that would seem to be one thing could Hacking casual players, even if it's not actually done right now. Many believe this is the work of a hacker, Destroyer2009, who was once a professional hacker, and this was a remote RCE exploit using their computers, but none of this has been confirmed.

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It's hard to understate how unprecedented nothing like this is at a major esports event. A finals event has been suspended due to someone hacking the game Giving players hacks It is simply something that does not happen.

This has led to a mass of complaints about Apex's anti-cheat systems, which clearly failed massively in this situation. But it also speaks to how far cheating has come since this is a private lobby for professionals playing in the ultimate eSports event.

Not that this is necessarily related, but Respawn was hit just days ago with 23 layoffs including Apex Legends developers, some of whom were veterans. Although this does show that EA needs to beef up the Apex security team somewhat, as something like this requires all hands, or more hands, on deck than they have now, it seems.

Again, there is a lot of panic out there, and it's hard to give actual advice. Basically, it is maybe Be wise to avoid logging into Apex for the time being until EA and Respawn have something declarative to say, since all they've done now is postpone the finals. I don't imagine you'd have to go to extremes to effectively uninstall the game from your computer, but just wait a bit for the dust to settle. Hopefully there is no radioactive toxic dust.

Even if this ends here, introducing cheats into pro players' accounts to disable an event and even get an event banned on Instagram is out of the ordinary. This will need serious exploration and data from Respawn as soon as possible to get a clearer picture of what happened and how things will be fixed from here.

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