Mario Movie is already set to be the highest grossing video game movie of all time

Image: Nintendo/Lighting

Super Mario Bros movie It’s poised to be the highest-grossing video game movie of all time Detective Pikachu and the Cans A movie after being in cinemas for just over a week.

Latest figures from Box Office Mojo Show that the film has already grossed $437,946,600 worldwide, a domestic total of $250,958,695 and an international total of $186,987,905 (via collider).

That means it’s easily on track to overtake 2016’s Warcraft, which currently sits on the worldwide total. $439,048,914. The making of Detective Pikachu 2019 $433,005,346though Box Office Mojo also reports that The Pok√©mon Movie has made a possible spin-off movie. $16,532,334 in 2023 in the UK, which would bring it to $449,762,638.

Regardless, it’s hard to see a Mario movie not bring in an additional $20 million over the weekend, so whichever movie comes out on top now, we’re guessing the Mario movie will trample them into the ground over the next few days. It has already broken the record for the highest opening weekend for an animated film. So, what’s next, a billion dollars?

Illumination and Nintendo’s animated film was a huge hit with audiences, with the film achieving a 96% audience share. Rotten tomatoes. However, critics were a bit less kind, and in our own review, we praised the film’s spectacle, but criticized its lack of substance and story:

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