Madonna ends her “historic” celebratory tour in the presence of 1.6 million fans

Madonna’s Celebration Tour is coming to an end

Madonna celebrated one of the biggest events of her 40-year career by ending her celebratory tour in front of an audience of 1.6 million people with a free set on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 65-year-old performed 26 songs, including hits like Like prayer and voguewith giant screens on site to cater to the huge audience.

according to the sunFirefighters sprayed the public with water as temperatures exceeded 30 degrees Celsius.

The “historic” attendance came on the last date of Madonna’s tour.

A source said: “Madonna is unstoppable and wants to celebrate her historic tour with a really special ending.” the sun Before the show.

“Fans are expected to travel from all over the world to watch her perform what is expected to be a fantastic show.”

The insider added: “Her celebratory tour has already stamped itself as the pop concert of the decade.”

“But this concert will be the cherry on the cake,” they said. According to the outlet, the city’s tourism office had previously warned fans of the show.

“Madonna is wrapping up her Celebration Tour here in the Wonder City, celebrating her 40-year career with a show that promises to be her biggest yet,” the agency said in announcing the event.

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