Macron’s Camp Plans Unexpected Comeback Amid French Election Chaos – Politico

In recent weeks, several heavyweight centrist figures have floated the idea of ​​working with the left in a “grand coalition,” although that would require excluding Mélenchon’s far-left La France Insoumise party.

The division of power has also changed on the left, once strongly dominated by France Insoumise. The Greens and Socialists have emerged as stronger parties since the election.

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But the turmoil in parliament also offers opportunities for others. Even if Macron gets what he hopes for and the left-wing coalition collapses, he will still face a bigger problem: the center is collapsing.

The French president’s decision to gamble with his movement’s political future through early elections has alienated many of his allies, including former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and Macron’s own prime minister, Gabriel Attal, who admitted on television that the president had not consulted him beforehand.

During the campaign, Philippe accused Macron of “killing the coalition” and called for “the formation of a new government”. [parliamentary] On Sunday, Macron’s allies narrowly avoided a bloodbath, losing more than 70 seats, but that did not stop Philippe, who has presidential ambitions of his own, from criticizing the early election as having resulted in “a great indefiniteness.”

With Macron unable to run again in 2027, all eyes are now on the race for the next presidential election, and there will be few potential candidates willing to sacrifice their future for Macron’s present.

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