Lizzo Moves to End Harassment Suit and Gets Criticized for Trying to ‘Shift the Blame’ – Deadline

When Asha Daniels filed an unlawful retaliation, racial and sexual harassment lawsuit against Lizzo and her touring team in September, the Grammy winner slammed the action by her former wardrobe designer as a “fake and ridiculous publicity stunt.” Now, the “Truth Hurts” singer and her company Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc. want to… The state judge may overturn the order.

Through an objection filed Dec. 15 in Los Angeles Superior Court that Daniels did not have the right to benefit from California laws while working for a Delaware company in Europe, the document released by Marty Singer tears down “the plaintiff, who resides in New York Because of her “indecent and undeserved behavior.” after Less than three weeks Employed by BGBT” (bold and italics).

“During her short tenure at BGBT, Plaintiff refused to comply with the instructions of her supervisors and flight management, failed to perform the work she was assigned, and, ultimately, obsessively played herself and refused to report for work,” the motion states, which they say actually happened during Daniels’ tenure at The period is from February 14, 2023 to March 6, 2023 on Lizzo’s special tour. “It is not surprising that her employment was terminated after leaving her position on the day of a concert in Paris, France,” adds the recording of the March 5 concert at 12 City of Light’s Accor Arena.y Chamber (read Lizzo’s motion to dismiss Daniels’ case here).

Daniels’ lawsuit was filed on September 21, the same day Lizzo received the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award from the Black Music Action Coalition, citing a “toxic work environment” and “a culture of racism and bullying on Lizzo’s tour.”

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Daniels’ complaint, damning allegations in any context, came about seven weeks after former dancers Ariana Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez filed a lawsuit against Lizzo, BGBT and others for harassment, assault and discrimination. Six months before this trio was taken to court, it has since been revealed that 14 dancers who performed with Lizzo were part of a settlement worth more than $100,000 related to the unauthorized use of their image in the 2022 documentary. Love, Lizzo.

Today, Daniels’ attorney Ron Zambrano, part of the firm that also represents Davis, Williams and Rodriguez, accused Lizzo’s attorneys of victim defamation again.

“This suggestion was a predictable Hail Mary by Team Lizzo to attempt to blame the victims, as she did with the three other plaintiffs who sued her over similar allegations of harassment, disability discrimination, and retaliatory termination.” partner West Coast Entertainment Lawyers said in a statement. “Lizzo and her attorneys can continue to try to justify her unlawful and deplorable behavior, but we remain committed to seeking justice for our clients and look forward to our day in court when Lizzo can explain her behavior in a public forum.”

That day could come early next year. Lizzo’s Lavely & Singer team requests a hearing on January 24, 2024 on their cross-claim before LASC Judge Mark H. Epstein in Santa Monica District Court.

Lizzo’s attorneys filed a quickly contested motion against SLAPP on October 27 to dismiss Davis, Williams and Rodriguez’s suit. At the conclusion of the hearing on that application on November 22, Judge Epstein said he would not rule for at least three weeks – and he still has not done so.

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