Live announcements: UK local elections

debt…Andrew Testa for The New York Times

London – For the past 44 years, the council in Wandsworth, south London, has been run by the Conservative Party.

But after Thursday’s referendum, they all changed, and control of the council shifted to the Labor Party. The vote came at a critical juncture for the Conservative Party, which has been embroiled in controversy for weeks. Parties on Downing Street It broke the government’s own corona virus controls Many other scandals.

When large numbers of voters went to the polls in the area on Thursday morning, many expressed general dissatisfaction with the state of national politics, a view of the upward war facing the Conservatives in the area.

“I have always identified myself as a conservative, but today this referendum is a vote to show that I do not agree with the government,” said Marcel Aramburo, 62, who has lived in the area for decades.

Although he was pleased with the way local issues were often handled under the Conservative Council, he felt it was time to vote for Labor after the growing disappointment over the Tories.

“I am not happy with the people who run this country,” he said. “Everything that comes out of their mouths is a lie.”

Dean Crosley, 45, was in the same small community church across from Pottersey Park. He voted like Aramburo, and he switched from the Conservative Party to the Green Party. He said it was due to local problems and wanted to see better efforts to address climate change.

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He also said that his vote for the Conservative Party in general could change in the next general election.

“It’s just the same old thing, no matter what they get up to, it’s not going to work,” he tells conservatives.

Lucinda Lewson, 65, who brought her dog to the polls, has lived in Wandsworth for decades. He said a lot has changed in the region as it has grown in recent years and most of it is getting better. At the end of the road he was voting on, cranes piled up in the air on a major redesign project. Unused Battersea power station and surrounding area.

He said he would continue to support the Conservatives despite recent scandals. “They are the best in a bad team,” he said.

He said Prime Minister Boris Johnson had excelled in his response to the corona virus outbreak and had shown a strong response to it. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Another voter, Vivianna Turturro, 39, said national politics at the local level affected her decisions after seeing members of the ruling Conservative Party “say one thing and do the opposite.”

She said she was unhappy Recent Policies on Immigration And Downing Street parties angered her.

“I was a shield at the time, so I consider it offensive and insulting,” he said of the locking meetings. “They must first follow the rules they set.”

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