Leap Day seems to cause chaos for the final play line players

Image: Square Enix

Today, February 29, is Leap Day. It's a special event that only happens once every four years and leaves plenty of room for an extra 24 hours of surprises. Well, it looks like the surprises are coming hard and fast for Theatrisk Final Bar Line players. That is, the game will not work.

This phenomenon was observed for the first time before FOCwhich reported that Square Enix's latest rhythm game would simply not connect to the relevant servers upon launch, crashing with a “Connecting…” message and leaving the game unplayable.

We tried this over at Nintendo Life and found that we couldn't even get to the server page, and were instead greeted with just a blank screen! There may not be much to illustrate our point, but you can find screenshots of the loading screens mentioned below.

Oddly enough, it all goes back to the mysterious Leap Day. Vooks reported (and we tried it ourselves) that changing the console's history and returning to the game would solve the problem, and it almost certainly does.

It appears that the in-game date checker does not take the extra day into account and simply refuses to connect to the game servers because of it. What's even more surprising is the fact that you don't even need to be connected to the internet to play. very strange.

You'd hope that Square Enix would be able to fix the issue by the time the issue is resolved the next It's February 29, 2028. Until then, we're struggling to think of a smarter way to get everyone playing Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

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Do you encounter similar problems with theatrical rhythm today? Let us know in the comments.

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