Leaders in Chargers Score: Travis Kells Exceeds Career Performance with Walk-Off DD to Raise Kansas City

A wild night in Los Angeles ended with a dynamic play. In overtime on Thursday, the captains defeated the Chargers, Patrick Mahoms 34-yard touchdown pass to Travis Kells, who caught a career-high 191 yards and 10 passes for two touchdowns. The Chiefs’ 34-28 victory marks Kansas City’s seventh consecutive victory, while advancing 10-4 this season. The Chargers, who fell short of three important fourth-under changes during the regulation, fell to 8-6.

The leaders took a 14-13 lead in the fourth quarter before the two teams combined for 29 points in the final stanza. Los Angeles took the lead twice in the fourth quarter, but could not stop Mahoms, who threw two fourth-quarter touchdowns, which he beat the Kells in extra time of one minute and 15 seconds.

At the start of the game, Los Angeles endured an unfortunate turn of events following Andre Roberts’ 75-yard return of the opening kickoff. After Austin Eckler’s two runs, 19 yards out, Mike Williams was unable to catch Justin Herbert’s bullet pass in the final zone for a second and goal. Two games later, after trying to catch Herbert’s pass in the final zone, Donald Burham was knocked out of the field after a hard header in the tight end. While undergoing examination for a head injury at UCLA Harbor Medical Center, Burham was pushed off the field and was in a stable condition.

To take a 7-0 lead on Michael Burton’s 7-yard run, the Chiefs’ error in 10 games quickly moved 95 yards. Mahomes finished 14-yard for Kells in one of Drive’s major plays, second and 14th. The leaders were driving on their next drive before the Chargers defense caught them on a field goal. The Chargers offense then drove 75 yards in 10 games and scored the first points of the night. Herbert, who went 3 for 40 yards on the drive, finished the drive with a 1-yard touchdown run.

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After a Chiefs three-and-out, Herbert and the Chargers’ offense took a 14-10 lead using a narrow field. Herbert overcame the urgency and completed the 42-yard drive when he found Jalen Cayton in the final zone for a 4-yard score. Herbert’s Touch Down was the only bass play on the Chargers’ nine-play drive.

The Chiefs came in fourth and scored, half of which ended the way it started. In the final game of the half, Herbert’s pass defense was batted on the screammaze line by Daniel Sorensen, with the Chargers leading 14-10 at the break.

After the Chiefs started the second half with a field goal, the Chargers drove down to the field before coming down another fourth. This time, Herbert failed to connect with Jared Cook because his pass was broken by linebacker Nick Bolten at fourth and second in the Chiefs 28-yard line.

Kansas City then drove to the Chargers ‘2-yard line, before which Michael Hartmann could not pull Mahmos’ low pass on the ball and goal. The chargers drove – you guessed it – and went down a fourth again. But this time, the Chargers took the first step on Joshua Kelly’s seven yard run. But the Chargers’ celebration was cut short when Dershan Warden released the ball from Kelly’s grip on the third and goal as Chiefs linebacker Ben Neeman recovered the ball. The firsts gave the ball back to the Chargers, however, and Mahoms’ pass was ejected by Uchenna Navosu from the air. In the next game, Eckler scored 21-13 on a 2-yard run.

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With a 69-yard completion from Mahoms to Gells, Leaders equalized Mahoms ‘1-yard pass to Dyrek Hill, and Mahoms’ completed two-point shift to Clyde Edwards-Helier. But the Chargers faced off quickly with an 11-game, 75-yard drive that ended up with Keenan Allen through Herbert’s touchdown pass. Mahomes – Playing after taking 32 yards with his legs, the Chiefs’ offense responded again when they hit Kells for a game-dying score. Neither team was able to score in their final control, thus sending the game into extra time. In the fifth game of extra time, Kells caught Mahoms’ pass before avoiding several chargers before finding the final zone.

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Why the Chiefs won

As NFL Films narrator John Fescenda once said, “Big teams are not always the best, they are the best when they should be.” That quote applies to the Thursday night chiefs function. Although they were better at times, the leaders advanced when both sides of the ball were very important. Kansas City advanced to a double-digit lead, then responded when the Chargers picked up momentum in the second quarter.

Each of Kansas City’s crime chargers’ fourth-quarter touchdowns responded to two touchdowns each. And after overtime coin Philip won, Mahers, Gells and Chiefs ‘offense ended the issue, sidelining Herbert and Chargers’ high-octane offense.

Why the Chargers failed

This is simplicity. The Chargers did not change their fourth-under conversion attempts enough. Los Angeles was only 2 out of 5 in the fourth down and left with more points on the field. The inability of Los Angeles was another major factor in the defeat of the Mahomes (he threw for 410 yards) and the Kells Chargers.

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Turning point

The Chargers held the lead twice on the ropes after taking a 28-21 lead late in the fourth quarter. 1:48 Mahoms faced third and 10th in the remaining position to attack Hill for a 20-yard gain. Two games later, the Chargers faced a second and ninth from 39, with Mahoms’ 32-yard rumble setting his game-dying touchdown pass to Kells at 1:16.

Game of Thrones

Gells ended his big night with a game-winning score. In the play, Mahomes disables the security of the chargers for a while by locking Edwards-Heller in the flat. But Mahomes then returned and made a finish for Kells, who returned to the overhead before dirtying six Chargers defenders.


“Whoever we play with will be in the same mood. I felt very comfortable with all of those decisions. … That’s how we’re going to play here. When there’s a quarterback like us, we have a crime. Like us, we’ve going to play because you’s Kansas That’s how we play against City. ” – Chargers coach Brandon Staley in his fourth-under casino.

“As he carried the world on his shoulders, child, he appeared, I say to all who hate, [Mahomes] The real deal, he showed it again tonight. … I heard some people say we would not go to the playoffs. [Mahomes] Not the best quarterback in the league. It’s great to see everyone on this team overcoming adversity tonight and winning. ”

What’s next

Going to Houston to face the Los Angeles Texans, they enter 2-11 in the 15th week match against two-winning Jaguars. Kansas City beat Pittsburgh 6-6-1 in Sunday’s home game against the 9-4 Titans.

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