Kojima's new game is a return to the spy genre

Screenshot: Kojima Productions/Kotaku

if Stranded death Not your usual Hideo Kojima It looks like Kojima Productions is working on something more along these lines Hard lime mineral. During the Playing status Presented on January 31, Kojima joined forces with Sony's Hermen Hulst to announce a new action spy project called Vicente.

While no footage or artwork was shown, Kojima explained that the game will be from a new original IP and full development will begin after Kojima Productions ships. Death Stranding 2: On the Beach. The team announced during the presentation that the sequel is scheduled to be released in 2025. Acting, costumes and sound. What does that actually mean? We don't know, because Kojima just says “stay tuned” for more information as he and Holst leave the film's set.

Whatever this game might be, Kojima appears to be collaborating with Sony on it, and even shouted out PlayStation's music and film divisions as part of the project. He did not say whether this meant Vicente However, it will end up exclusively on PlayStation. Kojima signs off the announcement by saying that this next project will be “the culmination of… [his] Work.” Check out the video below:

Play Station

while Vicente This game is likely a long way off, and Kojima Productions is also working on a third game alongside it Death Stranding 2. The team revealed Organizational developmentAn Xbox exclusive game in collaboration with Get out Director Jordan Peele, At the 2023 Game Awards. So Kojima and his team are very busy right now. For more on that, check out Trailer is approximately 10 minutes long Features hand masks, stop-motion puppets and Troy Baker fighting people with a guitar.

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