King Charles’ personal net worth has been revealed ahead of the upcoming coronation


April 16, 2023 | 2:05 p.m

He doesn’t get any royalties.

King Charles has reportedly amassed a personal net worth of £600 million – the equivalent of around $745 million US dollars – according to new analysis of The Sunday Times Rich List.

His alleged net worth exceeds that of his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September at the age of 96. Last year, The Sunday Times estimated her net worth at £370 million – around $460 million US dollars.

The Post has reached out to representatives for the royal family for comment.

It is clear that the wealth of the king exceeds other billionaires such as David and Victoria Beckham and Sir Elton John.

Many factors go into calculating a monarch’s wealth – including the two private estates known as the Dukes, the Sandringham Estate and Balmoral Castle.

According to the director, the task of the heir to the throne is to take care of the Duchy of Cornwall, while the Duchy of Lancaster is controlled by the reigning monarch.

King Charles took over in 1969, when he was 21 years old. After the death of the Queen, Prince William I inherited private property.

He has been amassing his net worth over the years.
POOL/AFP via Getty Images
The King has now surpassed his mother in net worth.
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King Charles is said to be worth £600m, according to The Sunday Times.
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When the King was in charge of the Duchy of Cornwall, he brought them great profits. Their annual earnings increased by 42.6% to £25.4m between 2011 and 2022, according to a Sunday Times analysis.

Over the same time frame, the duchy’s fortunes have grown to £1.04 billion – which is nearly a 50% increase, the outlet reported.

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And, according to The Times, much of this was due to the revenue that came from “renting out commercial properties” in other areas of England, which “accounted for more than a third of the money brought in, totaling £17.6m.

He amassed much of this wealth from the Duchy of Cornwall.
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He received £212.7m from the duchy between 2012 and 2022, and volunteered to pay income tax on the amount, although it was not required, according to The Sunday Times.

A former adviser to the royal also told the executor that Charles had become “wise in squeezing some money out of the dukedom” after his expensive divorce from the late Princess Diana.

In addition, the Sandringham Estate and Balmoral Castle are supposed to be the King’s “most valuable assets”. Based on other valuations, The Times estimated a value of £245 million for Sandringham, and a total of £210 million for Balmoral Castle and its estate.

They also noted that Sandringham brings in some tourism money, as it offers safaris and has an apple juice company, called Sandringham Apple Juice.

Both the estate and the castle belonged to the late Queen, but when she died, they both went to King Charles. And the, because of the exemption Established by former British Prime Minister John Major in 1993, he paid no inheritance taxes when it was given to him.

The King has also earned part of his fortune from a range of foods and products called Duchy Originals, which were first introduced to the public in 1990. Currently, it is the largest organic food and drink brand in the UK, according to to the site.

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Sweets, such as Duchy’s famous organic oatmeal biscuits, were available at upscale Harrods and Fortnum & Mason stores, later expanding into major grocery store Waitrose. Over the years, he’s added beer, herbal medicine, and gardening tools to this line.

The coronation of King Charles is scheduled for May 6.
Dan Kitwood-Getty/POOL Provided by Splash News/

This project is run separately from the Duchy of Cornwall, and pursuant to the tasting table All profits earned from his partnership with Waitrose are donated to charity.

“A lot of people get confused about property finances – they think it’s wrong [the royal family] “The Crown Estates and Duchies are personally owned,” author Robert Hardiman, who recently published a biography on the late Queen Elizabeth, told The Times.

“In all honesty, their financial arrangements are not as complicated as [those of] Many other countries’ royal families and rulers, which are often more obscure. Our monarchy is really not as rich as many people think. I certainly don’t think King is a billionaire.”

The outlet also claimed that the King is known to be quite “frugal” due to his love of the environment, and has been seen wearing his suits and other clothing more than once.

The king seized the Duchy of Cornwall when he was only 21 years old.
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He said “Well I’m one of those people who hate to throw anything away” Vogue magazine in 2020. “Hence, I would rather keep it, even if necessary, than give it away.”

However, there are other assets belonging to the royal family that the monarch is not making a profit on, including The Crown Estate, responsible for £15.6 billion of the royal family fortune, which belongs only to Charles “in right of the Crown,” the outlet noted.

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The wills of members of the royal family are not available for the public to see.

He has been amassing his net worth over the years.
POOL/AFP via Getty Images

The news comes just weeks before the coronation of King Charles, which is set to take place on Saturday, May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London.

The ceremony marks the official transfer of power to Charles after the death of Queen Elizabeth.

However, it looks like things might not be quite up to plan — last week, a report claimed they’d only rehearsed the 90-minute ceremony once, and a second report claimed the upcoming event was thrown into “chaos.”

And the palace announced, on Wednesday, that Prince Harry will attend the coronation ceremony of his wife, Megan Markle.

The long-awaited announcement came amid tensions between Harry, Markle and the royal family.

In his January narrated memoir, Spear, Harry alleged his brother, Prince William, “physically attacked” him during a row they had over Markle in 2019. He also called the older brother his “sworn enemy”.

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