Kevin Costner’s Horizon 2 pulled from theaters in August

Kevin Costner’s Western Period Horizon: An American Odyssey – Chapter Two The movie won’t be in theaters on August 16 anyway.

The film will be pulled from the release calendar after Horizon: An American Odyssey – Chapter One The film was first released in theaters late last month.

After much discussion, Costner’s Territory Pictures and distribution partner New Line Cinema made the decision to change the ambitious release plan in hopes of allowing more time to grow the audience for the $100 million first film.

As part of that effort, Chapter 1 The film will premiere at home on Premium VOD on July 16 in addition to remaining available to watch in theaters (the film could do significant sales on PVOD).

Territory Pictures and New Line Cinema have decided not to release Horizon: Chapter Two On August 16th in order to give the audience a greater chance to discover the first part of Horizon “In the coming weeks, including on PVOD and MAX. We thank our theatrical partners for their continued support as moviegoers across the U.S. discover the film in its theatrical release,” a New Line spokesperson said.

Territory Pictures added in a separate statement, “The audience response to… Horizonand excited to see our story continue. Horizon 2This film has been incredibly fulfilling. Kevin made this film for people who love movies and who wanted to go on a journey. The support we have received from movie fans and theater owners as they experience the first chapter of this saga only serves to strengthen our faith in them and the films we have made, and we thank them for being part of this journey. We welcome the opportunity to expand this window because we know it will only serve to enhance the moviegoing experience. Horizon 2“.”

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Max’s debut date has not been announced yet.

Warner Bros., New Line’s parent company, began notifying theater owners of the dramatic, last-minute change Wednesday morning. Many theaters had offered consumers the opportunity to buy advance tickets for “Iron Man.” Chapter 2They will now have to get the money back.

the Horizon The series represents a big gamble for Costner, who has put $38 million of his own money into it. Chapter 1 The rest was financed with the help of anonymous investors and through the sale of foreign rights. New Line and Warner agreed to distribute and market the first two films for a fee, with Costner paying marketing costs. Costner intends to produce four films in total.

Horizon chapter 1The three-hour-and-one-minute “The Last Day” made just $11 million over the weekend of June 28-30. It was a troubling debut for the $100 million film, hampered by poor CinemaScore ratings and tepid reviews (it has a 43% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes). It fell 51% in its second weekend to $5.4 million for a 10-day domestic total of $22 million. Worse, it made less than $3 million overseas.

Chapter 2 The film cost about $100 million to produce, and Costner’s team indicated last week that he intends to resume filming. Chapter 3 in August.

Costner is known for his self-confidence, but even he shocked Hollywood when he announced that he would be directing for the first time in decades and making four films. Horizon Films documenting the Great Migration to the West during the Civil War era. In April, Warner Bros. signed a distribution deal and announced an unprecedented plan to release the first two films less than two months apart. Costner was so involved that he left his successful show Yellowstone His middle Horizon Commitments.

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Costner believed his film would strike a chord in the heart of America—just as Yellowstone He has performed better in the Mountain Regions, the Midwest, the South, and the South Central, but has so far failed to rally his supporters or Yellowstone viewers to the required degree, especially Yellowstone The film is specifically aimed at an audience between the ages of 18 and 44. Unsurprisingly, the film skews towards older demographics, as the majority of the audience is over 45 (older consumers are not known to rush to see a film right away).

The marketing campaign designed by Warner Bros. focused heavily on Costner, who toured the country, in addition to the film’s premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. The studio also made use of its sister companies that are part of Warner Bros. Discovery, including TNT’s sports broadcasts, such as Major League Baseball and NBA games, and TCM, where Costner appeared as a guest programmer. There were also extensive screenings in several cities, as well as visits to military bases.

So far, there’s no word on when. Horizon Chapter Two The film will return to the theatrical schedule. Warner Bros. and New Line did not acquire the distribution rights for the third and fourth films.

Aaron Koch contributed to this report..

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