Kendra Randle responds to Kenyon Martin’s criticism of her husband’s kiss


May 13, 2023 | 10:52 p.m

It took two days, but Kendra Randle took to Twitter on Saturday to let Kenyon Martin know he was off base and slammed her husband Julius Randle for kissing her after the Knicks’ Game 5 win over the Heat Wednesday night at the Garden.

“Slow news day I guess,” Kendra tweeted, along with a few laughing emojis. “We both grew up in a single parent home. We have never seen our fathers respect our mothers. I am so grateful that my children are growing up watching their father be the best father and husband.”

Kendra also tweeted that her husband would not have been outwardly affectionate if the Knicks had lost.

“By the way, that match was after a win,” she added. “He wouldn’t be in the mood to kiss or even talk after the loss. But talk about real issues. Neither a husband nor a father loves his family.”

while Appearing on former basketball star Gilbert Arenas on “Gil’s Arena”. Martin said he was “bothered” by seeing Randle kiss Kendra after the Knicks win.

Kendra Randle, who received a kiss from her husband Julius after the Knicks won Game 5, said Kenyon Martin and the others should talk about “real issues” and not about the husband’s love for his family.
Charles Winzelberg/New York Post

“We just finished playing a tough playoff series game, and the first thing you do is go kiss your wife!” said Martin, who was once divorced. “That’s the first thing you do?! Where’s your brain?! I mean, that was the first thing you did, Doug, when the game was over.”

Martin said he was watching the game with his second wife, Shakira, when he saw Randle’s public display of affection.

Kenyon Martin
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“I am sitting there watching the match with my wife,” he said. “I said to her, ‘I love you to death, but no way in that moment… I mean I’ll be with my buddies because we just finished winning and I’m not thinking about you.'”

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Randall and Kendra married in 2016 after meeting at the University of Kentucky in 2013. The couple share two sons, Kayden, 6, and Jesse, 1.

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