Kate Middleton's medical information involved in the security breach, investigation launched

The palace said the princess “is unlikely to return to her public duties until after Easter.”

An investigation has been launched into the clinic where Kate Middleton underwent abdominal surgery after a staff member tried to access her private medical records, according to a report published in Watchman. This comes as the 42-year-old has been out of the public eye since December. According to Kensington Palace, she is recovering at home after “planned abdominal surgery” in January. Other than some blurry photos and videos, she has not been seen, and social media has been full of speculation about her health, generating global headlines and rumours.

The report quoted from MirrorHe added that at least one employee tried to obtain Kate Middleton's medical records in January when she was a patient at the London Clinic in Marylebone, London. “Senior management of the hospital contacted Kensington Palace as soon as the incident was brought to their attention and assured the Palace that a full investigation would be carried out.”

A source told the outlet: “This is an incredibly major and devastating security breach for the hospital, given its impeccable reputation for treating members of the royal family. The entire medical staff are completely shocked and distraught by these allegations and are deeply hurt.” That a trusted colleague could be held responsible for such a breach of trust and ethics.”

The UK Data Protection and Privacy Authority said it had received a report of the breach. A spokesperson for the Information Commissioner's Office told the outlet: “We can confirm that we have received a report of the breach and are assessing the information provided.” Meanwhile, Kensington Palace said the matter was “a matter for the London Clinic.”

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The London clinic declined to respond to these allegations, but said its patients “deserve complete privacy” regarding their medical records. “We firmly believe that all of our patients, regardless of their situation, deserve privacy and complete confidentiality regarding their medical information,” they added.

Although the details of Ms. Middleton's condition are unknown, Kensington Palace previously stated that it was not related to cancer and that the 42-year-old wanted her medical information to remain private. Based on medical advice at the time, “the Princess is unlikely to return to her public duties until after Easter” on March 31.

It is worth noting that Kate Middleton was seen at a farmers market with her husband, Prince William, on March 16. The new video, published by British media, showed a smiling princess wearing black clothes, walking with her husband, carrying shopping bags in the market. Windsor Market. Some people claim the woman in the video does not resemble the Princess of Wales, while others say they are happy to see Ms Middleton “happy and healthy”. Many online also added that the photos looked very grainy when every phone had a smartphone or HD camera.

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