Kate Middleton gives monarchy ‘best day since coronation’: Royal source

LONDON – The royal family’s goal was clear: introduce the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, to the world, squash conspiracy theories, and reset the royal narrative before the summer break.

Reading the glowing coverage on British news sites on the Saturday after Trooping The Color finished, palace agents were no doubt satisfied enough to declare the job accomplished.

“Katherine was absolutely amazing,” one of Kate’s friends told The Daily Beast. Her statement was exceptional, and her appearance today was graceful and elegant and filled people with hope.”

Another royal source said: “She knocked it out of the park. She looked stunning and sent all the right messages. This has been the best day for the royal since the coronation.”

the telegraph He said of the ceremony: “It was this tangible, together, so human, appearance of royalty like no other: a family reunion against the odds.”

in London times “With some moments in the royal history books, it would put her royalty at the top of the pile,” he said, adding how powerful it was to see Kate and King Charles – both undergoing cancer treatment – side by side on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. . “Little happens by chance when it comes to royal photos and letters,” royal correspondent Roya Nikah wrote. “Seeing Charles side by side with the Princess on the balcony of Buckingham Palace speaks volumes about his pride in his beloved daughter-in-law.”

the Mail The verdict was that the event was “a dazzling and dazzling reminder of the skill, discipline and loyalty of our Armed Forces”.

King Charles, Queen Camilla, William, Prince of Wales, Catherine, Princess of Wales, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, Prince Edward, Duke of Edinburgh, Lady Louise Windsor, appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Holly Adams/Reuters

British politicians, who face a general election next month, were keen to wrap themselves in the royal flag.

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak posted, “God save the King,” while his likely successor as Prime Minister after next month’s election, Sir Keir Starmer, posted, “Congratulations to Your Majesty. Thank you to all our dedicated service staff for this fantastic display of Trooping the Colour.”

Even the weather cooperated. The clouds parted and the sun shone brightly as the royal family gathered on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to receive the nation’s well wishes on the King’s official birthday.

It was impossible for optimists not to look at the bright blue sky after a morning of heavy rain as a metaphor; The royal family, stricken with cancer in this year of misfortune and bad luck, eventually managed to survive.

King Charles was alive, if not looking particularly well (he was even adamantly royalist). The Daily Telegraph He had to admit that he looked “a little worn out”) as he shepherded his family toward a brighter future.

But make no mistake, today was really about Kate, who, against all odds, pulled off a stunning comeback with such stunning last-minute narrative perfection that if it were a story in a TV series, it would risk being dismissed as implausible.

Catherine, Princess of Wales, arrives at the Horse Guards Parade for the King's Birthday Parade "Color forces" In London on June 15, 2024.

Catherine, Princess of Wales, arrives at the Horse Guards’ motorcade for the King’s “Trooping the Colour” birthday parade in London on June 15, 2024.

Justin Tallis/AFP via Getty Images

Kate’s presence was It said, had been the subject of top-secret planning for several weeks, but was finally confirmed at 6pm last night after a week of furious speculation when Kate issued an extraordinary statement completely different from any statement any member of the royal family had ever issued, in which she shared that she was thrilled to be able to attend a group. Trooping (and starting to work from home) But she also went into great detail about how good the chemotherapy felt; Burnout, “bad days”, “uncertainty”.

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But one phrase Kate used struck a cautious and somber note: Kate said she was “not out of the woods yet.”

It was a frank admission of the seriousness of her ongoing condition. In briefings, the Palace has repeatedly stressed to reporters that Kate’s attendance at Trooping the Color should not be confused with the assumption that she is now on her way back to public life.

Prince William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales on the balcony during the Color Band at Buckingham Palace on June 15, 2024 in London, England.

Prince William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales on the balcony during the Color Band at Buckingham Palace on June 15, 2024 in London, England.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

And here lies the fly in the ointment. Having triumphantly proven that Kate is well enough to participate for hours on end in a festive event, it is rather difficult for the Palace to also say that she is not, and that she will not attend, say, the Garter Parade or Royal Ascot. next week.

Of course, cancer patients and their families will understand. This is the reality of cancer treatment; Those “good days” that Kate referred to in her statement usually come for patients toward the end of each cycle of chemotherapy.

But the genie is out of the bottle. Expectations will now grow to see Kate return to work.

So, a lot depends on what exactly Kate meant by her careful, careful wording when she said, in that unprecedented statement: “I’m not out of the woods yet. I’m learning how to be patient, especially with uncertainty.”

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