Kanye West is dragging Taylor Swift in a highly charged new IG post

Kanye West just appeared on Instagram at ALL CAPS in response to a fan broadcasting “Swiftie Emergency.” Below you'll see the repost indicating that Beyoncé's new single “Texas Hold Em” was challenging Kanye for the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

The fan urged people to “buy and stream Texas Hold Em to stop him from coming out on top.” To add fuel to the fire, the user reminded the internet that Yee had scuffed him Taylor In his latest Instagram story. Kanye responded with an extended narration, 16 phrases to be exact, in all caps.

In just over 40 minutes of publishing his post, he received over 390,000 likes, and nearly 15,000 comments!

Kanye West explodes on IG over latest Taylor Swift related statements

In Kanye's social media post, he had several thoughts about the fan post, which he wasn't shy about sharing. Here are some highlights from his rant:

“When I said I was the new Jesus, I wasn't even thinking about Taylor Swift.”

“I have been banned from staying in hotels, kicked out of businesses, and even not allowed to eat in some restaurants.”

“It reminds me of the mistreatment of my people because of the color of their skin.”

“Remember I was on Taylor's side when Scooter bought her teachers behind her back.”

He claims it has been “more helpful than harmful” to Taylor Swift's career

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One of the biggest statements in the rapper's new post is his claim that he was more than that Useful from harmful To Taylor Swift's career. This point could be (and I'm sure it will be!) Extremely It has been discussed.

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This bold statement certainly sent Swifties back in time to the 2009 MTV VMAs when Taylor was accepting Best Video by a Artist for her song “You Belong with Me.” True fans won't need more information than that…

Helpful, Kanye? Um nah. not helpful. Although I'm sure there are millions who disagree. Some people think it's why it's so popular… Feel free to share on social media with your thoughts!

Kanye West addresses 'Super Bowl ejection claims' in his own words

Kanye was seen leaving e.baldi restaurant smiling after dining with friendsKanye was seen leaving e.baldi restaurant smiling after dining with friends


As previously reported, the explosionthere were claims made by former NFL star Brandon Marshall that he was He was kicked out of the Super Bowl Because he bought seats close to the pop star in order to take advantage of her screen time — and she wasn't enjoying it! Marshall went on to say that Taylor made some calls that immediately prevented Ye from focusing on her Super Bowl fame, but none of that information can be verified. Earlier in the day, Ye's rep publicly addressed the situation, calling it nonsense.

In West's latest IG post, he completed his rep's statement, finally addressing the accusations himself and in his own words, posting, “Also I didn't get kicked out of SUPER BOWL, we left our seats to go to the YG box and see different friends.”

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