Justin Bieber’s grandmother had a life-threatening car accident, here’s what we know (photo)

Justin Beiber Grandma was involved in a horrific car accident involving flames in Canada, and people didn’t know who she was until a man named Brandan Stephen introduced himself to the famous singer’s grandmother.

They saw a Facebook picture

A Facebook community page dedicated to the Stratford region in Canada specifically shared the effects of the collapse, and a community official wanted to know who the person was. Stephen, who could also be related to Bieber, recognized Cathy Bieber, who is his father’s mother, who was the owner of the convertible and who was inside the car when the accident occurred. Fortunately, I left the place unscathed.

It was a red convertible

Jamie Rohan Ramdwar’s Facebook post said, “This is devastating news and it happened in Stratford! I sincerely wish there was no sinister play. Thank you Karen Van Scheyndel for bringing to my attention.

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Can anyone identify the owner, is he/she in our group? “

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Brandan was there

Apparently, Brandan was at the scene because he provided extensive details of what happened when a community member asked for more information regarding the accident, “We were in a dead end where a car was turning left two cars in front of us. Then a distracted driver distracted us and said she You should do 70″.

He continued, “It was not good to get my grandmother out of the car. It would have been so bad if we were there for another 5 seconds because the doors were locked.”

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Get to know her

Once word spread about the identity of the owner of the car, they tag Jeremy Bieber in the post, naming her too, which is when people realized it was Justin Bieber’s grandmother because of the photos they had when JB was younger. .

She is actually his grandmother’s wife

There isn’t much information about Justin Bieber’s family but the folks at TMZ claim there are some photos and that Kathy married George Bieber, so she’s actually Jeremy’s stem mom, making her her great-grandmother.

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