Judge Kevin Costner orders Kristen’s discharge by July 31, when pre-registration is in effect


Kevin Costner vs. Christine Baumgartner

The judge orders her discharge by July 31

… Big Sign Prenup valid

Kevin Costner Just won the court today, the implications of his bitter divorce Christine Baumgartner Bigger… because the judge seems inclined to rule that what is before them is true.

The judge applied a prenup stipulation that if she files for divorce, Christine has a certain number of days to vacate the family home — that date is July 31.

Kristen’s lawyers argued that the date was unfair because she did not have enough time Or money To find a suitable place to live. Her lawyer requested an extension until August 15.

Kevin’s attorney, Deso Quinn Laura Wasser, I have taken the position, the deal is a deal, and it exists in the preceding it. Today the judge agreed.

There are larger consequences to the judge’s decision. A prenup validity hearing is scheduled for November, and given the severity of the case, Kristen and her attorneys are expected to wage a legal war to declare the prenup invalid.

The judge’s ruling today is built squarely on the language in the prenup, so the judge seems inclined – perhaps more than inclined – to enforce the prenup, which would be a huge win for Kevin.

BTW… the ramifications are dire financially for Kristen, because if the judge rules the prenup is valid, she has to return the $1.5 million that Kevin gave her. She will also have to pay Kevin’s attorney’s fees incurred for pre-event defense.

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