Jimmy Garoppolo offseason likely split with the 49ers, says Kyle Shanahan

SANTA CLARA, CA – For over five years – Through injuries, trade attempts, and much more – San Francisco 49ers players and quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo They always find their way to each other.

But as San Francisco approaches another season full of quarterback uncertainty, head coach Kyle Shanahan made it clear Wednesday that Garoppolo and the Niners will eventually go their separate ways.

When asked if there was any scenario that could see Garoppolo return to San Francisco in 2023, Shanahan didn’t mince words.

“No, I don’t see any scenario for that,” Shanahan said.

Unlike last year, when Garoppolo was still under contract and the Niners tried to trade him, this time around they didn’t have such an agency. Garoppolo is set to become an unrestricted free agent in March, and the 49ers can’t use a tag to keep his rights.

So Shanahan and Niners will move on with Brooke Purdy And Tri Lance As a contract quarterback, Shanahan said Wednesday that he would be content to go into next season.

Purdy’s first order of business is to tend to a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. Purdy had more imaging on the elbow on Tuesday afternoon, and although no decision has been made yet on whether he will have a reconstruction (Tommy John surgery) or repair (an internal procedure), general manager John Lynch indicated that things are moving in a direction. the last one.

The repair would be good news because it would mean a shorter recovery for Purdy which could get him back on the field near the start of training camp at the end of July or early August.

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“The positive news is that it seems to be well established that the right approach is one that takes about six months,” Lynch said. “Now everyone will also say you never know until you get in there. Every surgeon will tell you that in every operation. You always like to go in to see exactly … They just keep working through this process, but we’re apparently encouraged by the speculation that this is where they’re going.” there is in it.”

If Purdy chooses the enhanced surgical repair using the InternalBrace to help strengthen the ligament while he recovers, he can already begin rehabilitation three months after the procedure with full clearance at the six-month mark.

“That was the coolest thing for me to hear,” Shanahan said. “Once three months are up, they start rehab, slowly rebuilding the arm, and by six months, it’s filled in again.”

Lance said Tuesday he should be out of his walking boot for his surgically repaired right ankle by the end of this week, with a chance to drop it in time for organized team activities in May.

Shanahan indicated on Wednesday that this schedule is possible, though Lance may not do much in parts of the offseason program before the OTAs begin.

“It looks like it’s going to be very close to Phase One, Phase Two,” Shanahan said. “Hopefully we’ll go make it easier for him in the drilling business and things like that and by OTA he’ll be able to go.”

As for how the quarterback position might change, Shanahan said Wednesday that he hasn’t thought much about it yet, noting that there isn’t much to discuss at the moment because only Lance’s numbers will be available for any fieldwork prior to training camp.

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Shanahan acknowledged that the Niners would need to add another quarterback in some way, but it didn’t look like he and the 49ers would be looking for a big name for the position.

“I know we have two rookies on our team right now and I think we can win them both,” Shanahan said. “So when you have that situation, you’re not so eager to go look around.”

Other takeaways from Shanahan and Lynch at Wednesday’s season-ending press conference include:

• Despite persistent rumors about him possibly leaving TV or another job, Lynch said he intends to stay in his role in San Francisco.

“I plan to be here,” said Lynch. “I’m really doing it. I’m committed to doing it and I’m having a great time doing it and I’m committed to finding a way to get a little better.”

• When treatment is left Trent Williams34, speaking Tuesday, hasn’t finally closed the door on retiring this offseason.

But Shanahan believes it was more a result of Williams being tired at the end of a long season than a realistic opportunity he could actually call it.

“I didn’t read his words because that was something important to him,” Shanahan said. “I know Trent loves football. I know it’s very hard at his age, but in any situation, you do what you do for a long time and you’re done. But I’d be surprised if Trent retires in a few weeks.”

• On the looming contract extension for the defensive end Nick BosaLynch indicated that she would play in a similar way to the way things are done with players such as fullbacks Fred Warnerreceiver Debo Samuel and narrow end George Keitelwhich means that the deal may not be completed until near the start of training camp.

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“I think we have a really good track record,” said Lynch. “I’ve looked at the last five years…to get our players done. But it takes time, it takes patience, it takes tenacity, and we’ll put that to our advantage.”

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