Jamie Lynn Spears responds to Britney Spears calling herself ‘Khadi’

Jamie Lynn seems to have reacted to Spears’ sister Britney Spears Refers to her as “Khadi” With reference to “those who trashed his name.”

“No one will trash your name more than those who are afraid you will tell people the truth,” shared 30-year-old Jamie Lynn. His Instagram stories Britney called her by name for pointing a knife at her in a television interview and claiming she had locked them in a room.

“I never came around you with a knife or I would ever even think to do so !!!” Britney, 40, Wrote in a statement posted on his Twitter On Friday, he said, “The only knife I saw you at home was chopping the biggest squash I’ve ever seen in my life. It was too big for me to cut.”

Spears continued, “I know now and then, a bitter person will create things like this around children. .. Congratulations on introducing the concept, because you succeeded in it, dear !!!! “

Jamie Lynn Spears Instagram.
Jamie Lynn shared this quote on Instagram after being attacked by her sister Britney.
Instagram / @ jamielynnspears

When Britney was there Calls her family The roles they played in her for months Former Defender, The siblings began to fight publicly after Jamie Lynn appeared on the show “Good Morning America” ​​on Wednesday. The new book, “Things I Have to Say.”

“I’ve always been a huge supporter of my sister, so when she needed help, I set up ways to do that,” Jamie Lynn said in an interview with GMA. “I went out of my way to end this conservatism and end all this for our family, to make sure she has the contacts she needs. If this causes so much conflict, why should it continue?”

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Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears.
The sisters have been fighting publicly since Jamie Lynn’s Wednesday appearance on “Good Morning America.”
Getty / Instagram

“There’s still love between her and Britney,” he said, adding that “I only loved and supported her.”

However, the “strong” singer is said to be She rolled her eyes At Q&A, and insisted that his sister was trying to save face by selling books.

Spears tweeted following Jamie Lynn’s GMA interview that “my family has ruined my dreams 100 billion and tried to make me look crazy.” “My family wants to drag me down and hurt me, so I hate them!”

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