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6:33 PM ET, February 6, 2024

Blinken arrives in Israel for high-level meetings on hostage release proposal. Here's what you need to know

From CNN staff

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has arrived in Israel ahead of high-level meetings with top officials to discuss a proposal for a continued ceasefire in the Gaza conflict in exchange for the release of Hamas hostages from October 7.

Provided by Hamas “Positive” answer to the proposal, according to a brief statement on Tuesday, but provided few details.

Blinken said America Reviewing the Hamas responseAccording to a report by Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad Published by Prime Minister's Office.

US President Joe Biden described the Hamas response “a little higher” No further details were provided when contacted for comment. “We don't know where it is. Negotiations are ongoing,” he said.

The Structure of the proposal It calls for a six-week pause in the first phase of civilian hostage releases, with three Palestinian prisoners held by Israel freed for every civilian hostage returned from Gaza.

That rate is expected to increase for Israel Defense Forces soldiers, and a longer pause beyond six weeks is possible for the next phases.

Here are other headlines you should know:

  • More about the hostage program: A counteroffer from Hamas For hostages and a cease-fire structure “reasonable” A source familiar with the discussions told CNN. It lacked two key and public demands: the withdrawal of Israeli soldiers from Gaza or an agreement to end the war.
  • Position of Saudi Arabia: Blinken said that before arriving in Israel, Saudi Arabia still had a “strong interest” in normalizing relations with Israel, but that the war in Gaza must end and that “there must be a clear, credible, time”. A Bounded Path to the Establishment of a Palestinian State.”
  • Senate Boundary Bill: US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that opponents of Senate Boundary Bill They “deny aid” to the “genuinely distressed” Palestinian people. The The bill covers security assistance Humanitarian assistance to civilians in Israel and Gaza and the West Bank.
  • Meanwhile in Gaza: A fight broke out between them Between Israel and Hamas in several parts of the Gaza Strip, Khan Younis and “targeted attacks in northern and central Gaza”. The Israel Defense Forces said. Journalists working for CNN in Gaza reported that Israeli fire, including shelling of an apartment building, had caused several casualties across the territory since Monday.

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