Is the rumored prowling GTA 6 star in real life or hunting?

As if the wait wasn’t already so bad, the actor has been rumored to be playing one of the protagonists of Grand Theft Auto 6, Brian ZampellaSeems like he’s teasing (or teasing) fans. Instagram.

dated by Morse Mutual Insurance And Detective games On Twitter, Zampella knows exactly what he’s doing, recreating the costume and even the backstory of the character (Jason) seen during the historic (and completely unprecedented) Rockstar Leak of 22′.

Goes deeper down the rabbit hole if you will; Senior camera artist pic of Rockstar with Zampella appearedwith part of the caption reading “One of my best buddies with so much talent. Stay tuned [Zampella’s former handle]. “This has been taken as evidence of Zampella’s involvement by some in the community.

Of course, it’s nothing concrete, but it sure is food for thought in these hungry times. to balance, heritage, back on Twitter, he claims that (according to a source) Zampella won’t be shooting Jason after all. Are we just getting caught up in the moment, or is there really something going on here? Let us know in the comments section below.

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