Insomniac breaks silence on ‘disturbing’ data breach, Marvel’s Wolverine PS5 continues as planned

Insomniac Games has issued a statement regarding the latest ransomware attack on the developer. He thanks fans and peers for the “outpouring of sympathy and unwavering support” during a difficult time for the Burbank studio.

“We are saddened and angry about the recent criminal cyberattack on our studio and the emotional impact it has had on our development team,” the statement read. “We have been focused internally over the past few days to support each other.”

Insomniac summarizes some of the damage done; The data breach resulted in the release of “personal information belonging to our employees, former employees, and independent contractors” as well as “early development details about Marvel’s Wolverine.” The developer describes the situation as “very sad.”

He goes on to confirm that work on the aforementioned game “continues as planned” and that official information about the PS5 exclusivity will be shared “when the time is right.”

The criminal group reportedly shared 98 percent of the data it stole from Insomniac Games after a seven-day deadline to pay the ransom. Sony itself issued a statement before sharing the stolen information, but has yet to comment. Meanwhile, ISPs are sending DMCA notices to people who obtain and download an early playable copy of Marvel’s Wolverine.

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