‘Inside Out 2’ Posts $29M Tuesday for Animated Picture, Surpasses $205M

Disney/Pixar Inside out 2 It grossed $29.1 million in the US yesterday, setting the record for an animated film on Tuesday. This beats the total for the first Tuesday of 2018 Incredibles 2 At a price of 27 million dollars.

The Distance flies the Kelsey Mann-directed film past the double-century mark at the domestic BO on its fifth day with $205.7 million, making it the second-highest-grossing film of 2024 year-to-date behind it. Sand Dunes: Part Two$282.1 million. Worldwide it was $46 million yesterday taking the global destination for Inside out 2 To 380 million dollars.

United State, Inside out 2The box office marks the sixth-highest non-opening Tuesday gross of all time Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: No Way Home, 2019 the king lion (2019) and The force awakens‚ÄúSecond Tuesday. Overall, it’s the eighth highest-grossing Tuesday overall.

As we told you yesterday, the second weekend of Inside out 2 He’ll make just under $70 million. Rival distribution sources believe the Pixar film has a chance to gross more than half a billion dollars at the domestic box office. The only other wide release this weekend is Focus Features/Regency’s Cyclists Priced at $8 million – $10 million.

Run cumes for marine areas on Inside out 2 They are Mexico ($38.7 million), the United Kingdom ($17.3 million), Korea ($16.6 million), Germany ($10.2 million), the Philippines ($8.3 million), Argentina ($8.2 million), and Central America ($7.6 million). ), Australia ($7.2 million), Colombia ($6.4 million), Chile ($5.4 million), Peru ($4.6 million) and Ecuador ($3.3 million). Future overseas openings include France and Italy today, Spain and Brazil on Thursday, China on Friday, and Japan on August 1.

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