India’s opposition lawmakers have protested the government’s suspension from parliament

New Delhi – Dozens of opposition lawmakers suspended from parliament by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government took to the streets on Thursday to accuse the government of undermining democracy in the country.

They briefly rallied outside the Parliament building in New Delhi behind a large “Save Democracy” banner and carried placards reading “Democracy in danger”. The suspension came as legislators were due to debate the controversial criminal reform bill.

Last week, more than 140 opposition legislators jumped from the audience’s gallery, emitting yellow smoke and stormed into the chamber to demand a report from Home Minister Amit Shah on the December 13 security breach. Vials. They created panic among lawmakers and disrupted parliamentary proceedings.

One of the intruders jumped from seat to seat before being attacked by some lawmakers and security personnel and was later arrested. Police have also arrested many of their accomplices outside Parliament. The infiltrators said they wanted to highlight the government’s focus on rising unemployment in the country.

Opposition lawmakers demanded a parliamentary debate on the security breach, but were accused of creating confusion.

Leader of the Opposition, Sharad Pawar, said the government’s move was the worst suspension of lawmakers in a parliamentary session.

Congress President Mallikarjuna Kharge has questioned that if the Prime Minister and the Home Minister do not speak in Parliament, where will they speak?

Government leaders asked opposition members to wait for the results of an inquiry set up to investigate the security breach. The opposition parties raised slogans against the government and carried banners, paralyzing the parliamentary proceedings in the House for several days.

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Suspended Members are now barred from entering the Parliament Chamber. The adjournment will last till Friday, when the current winter session of Parliament ends.

The ruling Hindu Nationalist Party government continued legislative work despite the suspensions of lawmakers, including passing three bills to amend criminal laws.

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