I made my PS5 Fire Orange and Atomic Purple using Dbrand’s translucent Darkplates

do you agree Technology peaked In the days of candy colored gadgets with transparent colors like “Atomic Purple” And “Bondi BlueIf so, Dbrand will do so far Have fun weaponizing your nostalgia against your bank account.

They come in translucent orange, light blue, black, and purple, with the first three “a dead match against their N64 counterparts,” says Dbrand CEO Adam Egaz — because the company bought those original consoles, Pantone matched them, and then spent two months tweaking them. as he says. The end panels are made of semi-transparent ABS plastic and still have the same easter egg inside: a binary that translates to an excerpt from Sony’s cease and desist.

What about the PS5’s glossy black center strip, you ask? She will apply a flat X-ray image to the shape of the skin: “We shot lateral x-rays of the PS5 in about a dozen subsections, then meticulously stitched the parts together to ensure an accurate representation of the PS5’s interiors from any angle,” Ejaz says. You can also get slices. Vinyl to turn on the PS5’s white running lights in purple, orange or ice blue to match.

This is my actual PS5 launch with actual product attached.
Photo by Vjeran Pavic/The Verge

It’s no secret that I love a good translucent tool, so I asked Dbrand to let me borrow a full set of all four colors—and the swap is incredibly easy, even for a skin-hater like me. In case you weren’t aware, the appearance of the PS5 white boards is You can do that with Sony’s blessing. The skin is easily aligned by snapping it over the PS5’s power and eject buttons, then making sure the front USB port holes line up.

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Is the ultimate impact worth $100? that it a little Rich to me, especially since I prefer Sony’s original pop-up collar look to the rounded corners that helped Dbrand avoid a lawsuit. You basically can’t see much of the PS5’s interior through the Dbrand panels because Sony has big metal shields underneath, and the skins are so matte that it convinces me I’m looking during my console.

As I drip, it’s a little weird when the PS5 glows blue or orange instead of white because that doesn’t shine through the color-changing dye appropriately.

But the Dbrand on Fire Orange is pretty hot, the blue is definitely cool, and the purple looks lit when you light it, if a little dark to appreciate when it’s resting inside my entertainment center. If there was a half-price sale, I’d probably go for a combo.

I really don’t know what to think Dbrand marketing on this, By the way. Ijaz asked: Why must you frustrate me with the crushing reality of middle-aged life?

He replied, “The painful reality of middle-aged life is exactly what we depend on.”

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