Humanitarian crisis worsens in Gaza as Israel-Hamas war rages: live updates

4:56 pm ET, December 27, 2023

The video appears to show Palestinian men and at least 2 children being removed and detained by the IDF in the Gaza Strip.

From CNN's Abeer Salman, Ibrahim Tahman and Mitch McCluskey

A still from a video appears to show Palestinians detained by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in a field in northern Gaza.

Yosee Gamzoo Letova

An edited video circulating on social media shows Palestinian men and at least two children being detained and removed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in a field in northern Gaza.

CNN could not verify when the video was filmed. CNN geolocation of the video shows it was filmed at Yarmouk Stadium in Gaza City.

CNN reached out to the IDF on Tuesday night for comment on the video and the detained children, but has not yet received a response. In the past, the IDF has said it stripped prisoners of their clothing to ensure they were not carrying explosives.

Hundreds of Palestinian men and boys have been detained by Israeli forces in the past few weeks.

Clips in the video show the two boys in one frame, with their underwear off, walking and holding both their hands up as the IDF leads them through the stadium.

In another clip, it looks the same Two young boys look out of their clothes and put their hands above their heads as they stand in single file with other men who appear to be teenagers and adults.

Throughout the video, men can be seen stripping down to their underwear.

In some clips, they sit on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs, some with their eyes closed, standing in single-file formations as the IDF overlooks them.

Clips from the video show women and other children being detained. In one shot, three Fully clothed women are seen sitting on the grass in front of a soccer goal in a stadium, with their hands tied behind their backs and eyes closed.

An Israeli flag hangs over the soccer goal. Stripped and blindfolded Palestinian men can be seen sitting next to women with their hands tied behind their backs.

The video shows army vehicles and bulldozers all over the stadium.

Original video uploaded on 24th December to YouTube Photographer and artist Yosee Gamzoo Letova, according to her Facebook profile.

The non-profit Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Watch has received reports that the Israeli army is detaining hundreds of Palestinians from the Sheikh Ratwan neighborhood. of Gaza City, dozens of them women, were taken to Yarmouk Stadium.

“Palestinian men, including children as young as 10 and old men over 70, were forced to strip down to all their clothes except their underwear and stand in a humiliating line in front of the detained women in the same field. ,” Human Rights Organization said in a statement.

The organization is calling on the international community to investigate the detention footage.

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