How to use Google’s Gemini AI now in its Bard Chatbot

Google has just launched its Gemini AI model. Want to try it for free? A version of the model, called Gemini Pro, is available within the Bard chatbot at the moment. Also, anyone with a Pixel 8 Pro can use Gemini Edition in their AI-suggested text replies with WhatsApp now, and with Gboard in the future.

There is currently only a small piece of Gemini available. Future versions are expected to include multimedia capabilities, where the chatbot processes multiple forms of input and produces output in different ways. Text-only version added to Bard.

Gemini is also only available in English, though Google plans to offer support for other languages ​​soon. As with previous generative AI updates from Google, Gemini is also not available in the EU — for now.

Despite the fancy name, the Gemini Pro update for Bard is free to use. With ChatGPT, you can access older AI models for free as well, but you pay a monthly subscription to access the newest model, GPT-4. Details regarding Gemini’s future plans are still scarce. Google has indicated that its additionally enhanced model, the Gemini Ultra, may arrive in 2024, and could initially be available within an upgraded chatbot called Bard Advanced. No subscription plan has been announced yet, but for comparison, a monthly subscription to ChatGPT Plus with GPT-4 costs $20.

How to Access Gemini Pro from Google

Do you already have a Google account? Using Gemini inside Bard is as simple as Visit the site in your browser And login. Google doesn’t allow access to Bard if you don’t want it Create an account. Google Workspace account users may need to switch to their personal email account to try Gemini.

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Remember, this is all technically an experiment at the moment, and you may see some bugs in your chatbot’s responses. One of Bard’s current strengths is its integration with other Google services, when it actually works. Tag @Gmail in your prompt, for example, to have the chatbot summarize your daily messages, or tag @YouTube to explore topics with videos. Our previous tests of the Bard chatbot have shown that these integrations are possible, but there are still a lot of kinks to be worked out.

So how does the expected Gemini Ultra differ from the currently available Gemini Pro model? According to Google, Ultra is the “most capable mode” and is designed to handle complex tasks across text, images, audio, video, and code. The smaller version of the AI ​​model, geared to work as part of the smartphone’s features, is called Gemini Nano, and it’s now available in the Pixel 8 Pro for WhatsApp replies.

As you experiment with Gemini Pro at Bard, keep in mind things you probably already know about chatbots, like their reputation for lying. Not sure where to start with your prompts? Check out our guide to crafting better claims for Google’s Bard.

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