Hosa Chanchez pens from the game an open letter of support for Megan Thee Stallion

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Black men have had a lot of ups and downs In recent months as details of the case involving Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez continue to be revealed, and even Lanes’ guilty verdict is announced. Many have expressed concern over the fact that they don’t think the brothers have been vocal enough in their support of the black female rapper. But the truth is, many have already spoken out, including actor Hosea Chanchez.

Chanchez, best known for his role in sitcoms, “the game,” He is the latest black male celebrity to come to Thee Stallion’s defense, stating that this was him Kylie JennerShe wouldn’t have had to convince anyone to shoot her.

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“Meghan Peete – using her real name because she is a real human being and not a prop or stallion, she is a black woman who was assaulted by a man,” Chanchez wrote on Instagram. “After hearing the 911 call and the prison call, my heart bleeds even more for this woman. Imagine being shot multiple times and then protecting the shooter by lying for him (the logic behind that alone is amazing to me).”

He continued, “The amount of trauma and damage she has suffered through the abuse, judgment and cruelty of her own people is heartbreaking. The number of black women and men who did not believe her and still do not believe her is sickening.”

Yes – there are inconsistencies, which is normal since Kylie clearly got everyone drunk entering her house that night. I guarantee you this, if this happened to KYLIE that night she wouldn’t have to convince anyone that she was shot and who? never!! Meghan will have a long way to go to becoming healthy and whole again.”

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Chinchez is right. Megan has a lot of healing to do. In the past few years, we have witnessed the young artist lose her mother and grandmother after just two weeks, and fight for justice in two high-profile court cases. The first of these, of course, includes the summer 2020 shooting in which Tory Lanez was recently convicted. second, counterclaimed its former label 1501 Certified Entertainment.

Chánchez ended his note by saying, However, one thing is clear to me, God has his hand on her life because I don’t know many human beings who can navigate some of what she went through in her life and still smile. “Protecting Black Women” has become a popular hashtag in our society, but we have to work For doing the work for this to matter! #GOD #ProtectBlackWomen #IStandWithMegan #StopAssaultPeriod”

thank you sir. We couldn’t say it better ourselves.

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