‘Hawk Tuah Girl’ Hailey Welch Talks Newfound Shame in First Interview

Hailey Welch, known as “Hawk Tuah Girl” after her X-rated clip of a Nashville interview propelled her to viral fame, has given her first interview since the infamous clip.

Speaking to Barstool’s Brianna LaPaglia on the “Plan Bri Uncut” podcast on Monday, Welch tried to dispel some of the internet’s rumored claims about her (she’s not a teacher; her father isn’t a preacher).

Hailey Welch rose to fame with her inappropriate video for “Hawk Tuah.” YouTube / Uncut Bri Plan
Welch gave her first interview since the viral incident. YouTube / Uncut Prey Plan
Welch tried to dispel Internet rumors about herself on the podcast. Team and DTV/YouTube

She said she was working at a spring factory in her small hometown in Tennessee, and was getting ready for the 2 a.m. graveyard shift when she noticed the virus spreading widely.

She said she deleted her social media accounts long before the video in which her favorite bedroom tech shared a Southern fried dessert went viral, but admitted she almost “bricked” when she learned of her viral fame.

Now she’s trying to turn her onomatopoeia into a huge moneymaker.

She’s already sold tens of thousands’ worth of branded merchandise, and now has a full management team and video team following her every step.

Welch was carried on stage at Zach Bryan’s concert over the weekend. hailey_welch93/Instagram

LaPaglia is dating country star Zach Bryan, who… I took her on stage At her show in Nashville on Saturday. She appeared on the podcast wearing the same outfit — daisy dukes and an oversized cowboy hat — that she wore to the show.

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