“Havana Syndrome” investigator on Russia's accusation of targeting US officials

Jeff Bennett:

Over the past decade, U.S. law enforcement and diplomatic intelligence personnel have suffered serious, often life-changing injuries in the line of duty.

There were no weapons, bombs or missiles. Many say they felt attacked by the sound. These debilitating waves of sound and pressure left them suffering from traumatic brain injuries, dizziness and other physical ailments grouped under the government's classification of abnormal health incidents. You may know it by a different name, Havana Syndrome.

Last night, CBS News' “60 Minutes” reported more details on this story and placed the blame on the United States' foreign adversary, Russia.

For perspective, let's bring in retired Army Lt. Col. Gregory Edgren. He conducted an investigation at the Defense Intelligence Agency into the sources of the Havana Syndrome. He is now the founder and CEO of Advanced Echelon. This is an organization that cares for Havana Syndrome survivors and their families and works to prosecute those responsible for the attacks.

Thank you for being with us.

You have said that you are confident that Russia is behind these attacks. What does this confidence tell us?

Gregory Edgren, CEO and Founder, Advanced Echelon LLC: I just finished a large set of open source reports. You can go to The Insider. They recently released a great article, along with Der Spiegel magazine.

There are a lot of arrows pointing to Moscow now. And I suggest you guys talk to some of the survivors, because they'll give you some basic ideas about their backgrounds, what they were doing, and the things they were working on.

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All of this paints a very clear picture to the average person about who could be responsible for this.

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